How does it start?

Drug addiction is one of the main health problems that our society has to deal with. This worldwide phenomenon destroys the lives of many promising individuals and even if consistent funds are invested in education and treatment, a completely effective solution has not been yet developed.

Addiction can start from a wide range of reasons. The most common one is represented by peer pressure in many groups of young people. Adolescence is the period in one’s life that is mostly associated with integration and general approval. To achieve the status of a respectable member and to avoid exclusion from the group, many youngsters choose to consume drugs even if they understand some of the damaging effects that addiction produces in the long run.

Another reason for drug addiction is experimentation. As soon as a young person drifts from the supervising control of their parents or tutors they are more inclined to try the substances that they previously did not have access to. The fortunate scenario is that they only try tobacco or alcohol, which are also addictive but are socially accepted, mainly because they do not have such a harmful outcome for the body or the mind. However, even these small experiments lead to further testing of more dangerous substances like cannabis, cocaine, heroin and energy-boosting chemicals. The cessation from such habits usually leads to long periods of suffering and expensive treatments.

The third main reason that turns many people to drugs consists of a deprecate lifestyle. Many persons are looking at a family life drowned in never-ending chaos or they struggle to have a normal relationship with their partner. Without proper solutions or professional help, these people are faced with an alternative that offers them the illusion of a getaway from their problems.


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